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Our history

The Restaurante Àbabuja was founded by the Soares brothers (Manuela, José and Isabel) in the year 1992. It all started when Manuela Soares was strolling along the riverside, and when she saw an old fishing house facing the bay, she imagined a restaurant there serving the excellent fish and seafood from the coast and the traditional Algarvios sweets. The old fisherman’s house was recovered and it became a restaurant specializing in seafood.



This restaurant in its early days was kissed by the living tides, and living or walking “à babuja” is a popular expression that means being close to something. Babujem also means the foam that forms in the bursting of the sea waves.

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For those looking for the best taste and freshness, come and delight yourself with our typical local dishes. Fish and seafood from our coast, give you a pure taste of the sea.


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